Product Security




Jay Packaging Group has teamed up with MeadWestvaco to offer Natralock® packaging. Natralock is available in a tear-resistant paperboard, giving customers and brand owners greater flexibility around their desired level of product security and brand protection.


Natralock’s features and benefits include:natralock_for_site_page3


  • Tear-resistant paperboard sealed with a thermoform blister or bubble reduces theft by protecting against package attack
  • Promotes open merchandising and add an inviting shelf presence with a crystal clear view of the product
  • Two-sided paperboard provides generous glare-free space for special printing effects and bold graphics
  • Maximizes the use of environmentally friendly, recyclable material
  • Decreases production costs and packaging fees, increase production speeds
  • Safe and easy for consumers to open with a simple pair
    of household scissors
  • After opened, the paperboard, unlike plastic, leaves a safe,
    smooth edge
  • Up to 70%  less plastic than traditional plastic clamshell packaging
  • Seals up to 60% faster on average than traditional plastic
    clamshell packaging


Natralock Compared to Traditional Clamshells:

  • Use 70% less plastic
  • Reduce total packaging weight by 22%  
  • Use 55% less energy (BTU) in manufacturing material
  • Emit 22% less greenhouse gas emissions during production
  • Feature 90% fewer chemical bad actors
  • Reduce international packaging fees by 14% to 74% 




In today’s environment, major retailers are selecting electronic article surveillance technology for products such as software, high end cosmetics and fragrances and pharmaceuticals. Source tagging operations at Jay Packaging include the ability to tag every product, stagger the tagging to accommodate any custom configuration for folding cartons, blister cards and thermoformed blisters. 

Jay Packaging Group’s early selection as a beta site for Checkpoint and Sensormatic has enabled the company to provide customers like Duracell and Prestige with the flexibility to meet retailer’s varying source tagging needs. 

Our value added capabilities in security packaging include:

  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Tamper-Proof Packaging
  • Checkpoint & Sensormatic