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Get the Clear Advantages of PET Packaging

Posted on Tue, Jun 27, 2017

Your product’s packaging solution serves as the first impression of your product. Product packaging will appeal to consumers to evoke either an emotional or educated decision. If you’re doing it right, your package will appeal to both. Jay’s clear clamshells, PET folding cartons and blisters give the consumer a transparent view of your product while adding an upscale finishing touch that paperboard packaging alone cannot achieve. With the ability to design and render 3D plastic and paperboard structures, we can work together to design a complete package with superior shelf presence.

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LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch Ink Simulates Linen with Banana Republic’s “M” Fragrance

Posted on Wed, Aug 12, 2015

Extensive research in sensory marketing has proven that consumers like to engage all their senses in buying decisions. Today’s consumers demand this and as a result Consumer Product companies look to differentiate their products on the store shelf by engaging more senses in their point of purchase package. Sensory marketing studies show that the more consumers handle a product, the more likely they are to purchase that product. 

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LiquiGenius™ Inks Present: LiquiScent Fragranced Ink

Posted on Wed, May 06, 2015

According to the New York Times’ marketing research department, “81% of consumers would choose a product they could smell and see over one they could only see.” Packaging with scented coatings are becoming increasingly popular in the market place. Such applications make it possible to convey a visual and content-based message along with a fragrance, thereby appealing to another of your customer's senses.

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