Bobst EXPERCUT 106 PER Version 2.0 Die-Cutter

Jay Packaging Group is pleased to announce the installation of a Bobst EXPERCUT 106 PER Version 2.0 die-cutter in our Warwick plant. This unit will be working alongside a Bobst 102 CER and a Heidelberg Dymatrix 106 die-cutter.

Bobst released its newest version of the EXPERTCUT 106 PER Version 2.0 blank separating die-cutter late last year. The modifications run throughout the press and include new feeder technology, changes to the sheet transport system, faster make-ready in the stripping and delivery sections, and developments that reduce the wear and consequently increase the life of die-cutting tools. Our EXPERTCUT will be faster to make-ready and quicker to get back into production after a stop, while also reducing process waste.

Mark McCutcheon, Converting and Facilities Manager of Jay Packaging Group states, “The addition of the Bobst EXPERTCUT 106 PER Version 2.0 has substantially increased the capacity of the Die Cutting Department and, at the same time, improved good product. Each printed sheet is registered by four cameras at the head stop and one camera at the side which detect a 1.0 mm line placed on the sheet at the time of printing. Print to cut registration is not affected by normal variation in sheet width or the movement of the sheet during printing. The ability of this machine to hold such tight print to cut registration results in a high quality diecut product every time.”